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D'Angelico Hot Nickel
D'Angelico Bronze 80/20
GHS David Gilmour
GHS Eric Johnson
GHS Rollerwound Nickel Wrap
2 Sets Indiana Strings
GHS 1 Gross Picks
Compound Nickel Wrap
GHS Nickel Rockers
GHS Brite Flats
GHS Boomers Roundwound
2 Sets Boomers Reinforced
D'Angelico, Hot Nickel Concept Electric Guitar Strings
deliver the extra edge, brillance, tone and sustain
demanded by today's finest musicians. The highly
magnetic nickel-plated steel cover wire woundover a
Swedish steel core keeps you in tune and lasts
performance after performance. List price $8.39 a set.
Your price two (2) sets for only $11. Free Shipping
gages 009-046, 010-046, 011-050
GHS David Gilmour Signature Series Electric Guitar Strings ghs
(10-48) 0.10, 0.12, 0.16, 0.28, 0.38, 0.48. or (10.5-50) 0.10.5,
0.13, 0.17, 0.30, 0.40, 0.50
. Your Choice.
David Gilmour's connection with GHS' Boomer series goes back to
1979, When he started using
them on Pink Floyd's "The Wall" Project. using 10-48 on his Fender
Stratocaster and 10.5-50 on his Gibson Les Paul. Decide for yourself
what is right for you. List Price $9.29 a set.
Your price two (2) sets for
$13. Free Shipping

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GHS Eric Johnson Signature Series
Nickel Rockers Electric Guitar
Strings. Pure Nickel Rollerwound Strings. GHS Nickel Rockers are
special. Since 1964, Nickel Rockers have provided discriminating
guitarists with the PURE NICKEL sound of original rock and roll and
the warm tones of blues and jazz. The unique GHS rollerwinding
process slightly flatters the strings for a smooth, comfortable feel and
a "touch" of extra tension.
List Price $12.50 a set. Your price two (2)
for only $16.00 Free Shipping gages 010-050 or 011-052
GHS Dave Mustaine Signature
Electric Guitar Strings
"Progressives" filament grade
ROUNDWOUND, (10-52) 010, 013,
017, PR30, PR44, PR52. List Price
$11.95 a set.
Your price, two (2)
for only $15.00 Free Shipping
guitar Strings. This set was designed for players who like to
tune a step or half step low. Many fine blues players have
used this method to achieve a warm and vibrant tone. GHS
pure nickel rollerwound strings give you a sound and feel that
has to be experienced to be fully appreciated. ENJOY. List
Price $13.95 a set.
Your price two (2) sets for only $17.00 Free
gage (011-058) 011,015,019,N28,N38,N58.............
GHS Strings for Electric Guitar, Rollerwound Nickel Wrap, 3rd wound strings.
Semi-Flat combine the clear, bright sound of roundwounds with the smooth
fingering of flatwounds. Excellent for precise intonation and longer life, they are
made of pure nickel round wire flattened in the winding process. GHS exectric
strings are wound on special process round core wire for extra volume and sustain.

I have these in 011-050 light guage, 012-054 medium guage, or 013-056 true medium
guage. List Price $12.00-$14.75
Your price two (2) sets for only

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Free shipping

GHS Electric Stainless Steel Precision
Flatwound Guitar Strings are made with
highly magnetic stainless steel flat wrap
for greater volume, longer durability and a
satin finish. List Price $19.75 each set.
Your price two (2) sets for only $24.00
Free Shipping
gage (009-042) 009, 011,
016, F24, F32, F42
INDIANA Guitar Co. Strings, Electric nickel wound Indiana guitar strings are custom
to exact specifications that produce a clear and vibrant long lasting tone. The IE-9 are:
Silverplated Steel .009, B-2nd Silverplated Steel .011, G-3rd Silverplated Steel .016, D-4th
Nickel Wound .024, A-5th Nickel Wound .032 and E-6th Nickel Wound .042

The IE10 are: E-1th Silverplated Steel .010, B-2nd Silverplated Steel .013, G-3rd Silverplated
Steel .017, D-4th Nickel Wound .026, A-5th Nickel Wound .036 and E-6th nickel Wound .046
Your price two (2) sets for only $9.00 Free shipping
2 packs of 12 each (24) Total GHS Picks, Reg. Style: A53 Thin $5.00, A54 Medium
$5.50, A55 Heavy $6.00
GHS Large Style: A56 Thin $7.50, A57 Medium $8.00, A58 Heavy $8.50 Free Shipping

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Large Style
This is a new web site started by, I'll be adding more ghs strings in the future, so if you don't see the ghs
strings of your choice Email me and I'll try to get them A.S.A.P.
Or you can buy them by the GROSS (144 picks) Regular or Large Style
Regular $18, $23, $25. a gross, OR Large Style $23, $32, $37. a gross
Free Shipping.

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Free Shipping
D' Angelico Bronze Wound Acoustic Guitar Strings
produce an extra-bright, rich tone with the volume and
clarity that is demanded by today's finest musicians. A
special tempered
80/20 copper-zinc alloy wound over a
hex core insure that D'Angelico Bronze Wound strings
stay in tune and last performance after performance.
List price $11. a set.
Your price two (2) sets for only
Free Shipping Gages 010-046, 011-050, 012-054,

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GHS Boomers Roundwound Electric
Guitar Strings. GHS Strings are
manufactured from the purest mateials,
free of environment damaging chemical
processes. Located in the heart of
America. List Price $9.29 a set.
Your price two (2) sets for only $13. Free
Gages 09-42, or
GHS Treated String Cleaning Cloth,
Wipe treated cloth over Steel Guitar or
Bass Strings to clean & restore tone. or
2 GHS Polish Cloths, or 1 Each. Your

Price 2 for $6.45 Free Shipping

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GHS Strings for Electric Guitar, Compound Nickel Wrap. Semi-Flat Nickel strings
combine the clear, bright sound of roundwounds with the smooth fingering of
flat-wounds. The 1800 Light Gauge are
011, 014, N22, N30, C42, C52. The 1810
Medium Gage are
012, 016, N24, C30, C44, C54. List price $17.50-$19. a set Your
Price two (2) sets
for only $21.00 Free Shipping.
GHS Strings for Electric Guitar, Nickel Rockers Pure Nickel Rollerwound Strings.
Since 1964 Nickel Rockers have provided discriminating guitarists with the PURE
NICKEL sound of original rock and roll and the warm tones of blues and jazz. The
unique GHS rollerwinding process slightly flattens the strings for a smooth,
comfortable feel and a "touch" of extra tension. Gages
R+RUL 08-38, R+RXL/L 09-46,
R+RL 10-46,
List Price $10.45-$12.50 a set, Your Price two (2) sets for only $16.00
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Strings for Electric Guitar, Brite Flats, Roundwound on the inside, smooth
on the outside, for RICH, LOUD TONE.

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700 X-light 009-041, 710 Light 010-046, 720
Medium 011-050, 730 Regular 012-054
. List Price $14.95-$22.75 each set. Your
Price two (2) sets of
#700 $18. 2 sets of #710 $20. 2 sets of #720 $24. 2 sets of
#730 $27. Price is for 2 sets Free Shipping.
GHS Reinforced Guitar BOOMERS, Roundwound electric guitar strings. The
original "Power Strings" Featuring a nickel plated steel wrap.
008-DY38, 009-DY42, or 010-DY46. List Price $9.29 each set.
Your Price two (2)
set for only
$15. Free Shipping